Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Denial, Noise and Politics, Oh My!

We watched the Granholm-vs-DeVos debate last night... you can read what Amazing Man thought of it here. I pretty much agree with him. I got a really ikky feeling in my gut when Granholm brought up the scandal about the investment. I thought it was a really low blow and really slimy thing to do. As De Vos kept saying about her statements, it was "disappointing"!
But, not all that unusual in politics. However, Dick DeVos didn't impress me at all either, sliding all over avoiding questions and slipping on his own indirectness... Again - not at all unusual in these "debates" - which in my opinion nearly always end up presenting as Demolition Derbies. So, oh well...... we'll see how this thing goes.

In other news, I gave Sam a foil pie tin to play with today. He thought it was terrific. The cat did not. Mr. Hobbes was on his cat tree trying to nap with all the banging and clanging. He laid his ears flat and shut his eyes tighter and waited out the storm.

It's warm enough out to have the windows open! And I'm still in "nesting" mode. WEE!! It feels good to have some loose ends tied up. However, I wondered this AM if some of this is nervous energy spent avoiding some of the things I really need to be doing but really don't want to do, like balancing my checkbook and reconciling the credit card bill.....


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