Thursday, July 27, 2006

Clumsy Thankfulness

I'm such a klutz today! We don't try to be all tip toey around when Sam is sleeping because we don't want him to learnbe a light sleeper. But on the other hand, I don't try to make lots of noise, either. But today you would have thought I was trying to sabotage his sleep. I put him down for a nap, he fought sleep like a good little Samurai for a while, but finally gave up and went into nite nite.
So I gleefully ran off to take a shower. Dropped the shampoo bottle. Turned around bent over and knocked a few other things onto the floor - BAM!! Then I started shaving the pits and dropped the shaver - CLUNK! Then I was cleaning the shaver and the blade assembly fell of and CLATTERED around on the floor of the shower. Then as I was walking out of the bathroom to go get dressed I ran into the doorframe BOOM! OWW! @#!!%&!! - So much for being quiet.

Sam slept through all of it.

So I'm thankful for that. I told Mindy I'd do a thankfulness list sometime.
It'll probly be short because I think naptime is almost up. But here are some things:

1. Sam sleeping through loud noises, including our neighbors lighting off firecrackers in the street randomly.

2. Time to take a shower.

3. a cute new little electric shaver

4. coffee

5. Amazing Man

6. Amazing Boy

7. Grandma coming tomorrow to hang with Sam and give me some time off - and Amazing Man and I a night OUT! WEEE!!

8. Good Frenz. My frenz rock like great big rocking things that ROCK.

9. Gonna get my hair cut off tomorrow. Thankful in advance for at least if my hair is going to fall out this much, at least it will be short hairs, not tangly long annoying stupid ones!

10. Reliable cars.

11. Fresh water anytime I want it.

12. Farmer's market 2 blocks away.

13. Dishwasher

14. C-Sections

15. Lunch with Mom tomorrow.

16. Strength and health


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