Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Things That Make Ya Go Hmmm XII

Maybe you've heard of processional caterpillars. So this post will be old news for you. I hadn't heard of them until recently, when I read that they are called processional caterpillars because they follow each other around.

Scientists did an experiment once where they placed the caterpillars in a circle with some of their favorite munchies in the middle and they circled the food, each following the other, round and round until they starved to death.

Another interesting thing they found about these creatures is the way they determine which creepy crawler is their leader. How do they decide who leads the procession? Whichever little caterpillar doesn't find a tail, he or she is the leader! And this one is the leader for life, or until it finds another tail to follow. On it goes, with each member of the procession following along behind, not one ever becoming the wiser.

.... This sounds a lot like the way some humans become leaders! Politics, Religion, Corporations, Philosophies, Hollywood, Peer Groups..... Hmmmm.....


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