Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Don't Linger In The Moonlight While I'm Gone

Remember in Junior High when you wrote a paper you wrote really really big to make the paper look longer? - Maybe you didn't do that, but I did! And I'm doing that here too, to make my post look longer. And also so that some of you older geezers out there can read my blog!

It's been crazy bizzy around here, and my creative juices are not flowing that much so I asked the cat to write a post for me. However, that requires a lot of help from me and he is so perfectionistic that we keep writing draft after draft - and he's still too scared to post it. So we're working on it. Hobbes has a lot to say about the new addition to our family. He's afraid to sound too negative but I told him no one expects anything different; he's a cat. In addition to that, very few people have ever seen his softer side anyway.
So ya - that's in the hopper, and hopefully will publish soon.

I recently found out someone else I know in "real life" reads my blog and I didn't know it. ::waves:: Hi!! You know who you are out there with the initials C.L.! Thanks for reading!

This weekend was my first mothers day being a mom! So fun! We took Sam to The Great Wall for his first chinese food experience - he slept the whole time there. He woke up in Starbucks, he had to wake up and smell the coffee!

Incidentally, after a double espresso drink I realized I had forgotten to take my Aciphex. Which, carelessly prounounced, sounds like Ass Affects! As far as I know, it doesn't affect me in that way, but it works wonders on acid reflux.*

Last night was my last class at Marywood. Which was mostly on Thomas Merton! 3 hours of Merton! WEEE!! Also we took some time for everyone to share what they got out of the class and I'll share my thought on that with you: It was a continuation of a growing awareness and accepting of the diverse ways that spirituality is (and has been) expressed and practiced within Christianity. Amazing stuff, really. No one wanted to leave, we all liked each other so much and it was fun to experience that.

Well, speaking of acid reflux, (which we were, paragraph before last) I've got to go get ready for my Coronation. I'm getting my very first crown on one of my very bad teeth - after which I will be Crowned Royalty and expect to be treated as such!

*this sentence should make for some very interesting google hits



    You really have been busy, but it sounds like its all been good. Glad to hear ol' Hobbes is putting his thoughts on paper.

    By Blogger SpookyRach, at 5/16/2006 2:11 PM  



    Take Care

    By Blogger Michael, at 5/16/2006 2:19 PM  

  • I knew some one who was at the same monestary in Kentuck as Merton and knew him well. My friend had met a woman who was there on retreat and actually left the monestary to go after her and showed up on her front porch one day. They eventually got married and had a child together and last I heard he was working in a factory and they were very happy together. (It was her second marriage)

    By Blogger studiobeerhorst, at 5/16/2006 3:17 PM  

  • Thanks, from an old geezer, for that large font. I did not have to squint to read that post!

    Glad to hear things are going well and that y'all are busy and getting out and about.

    By Blogger annie, at 5/16/2006 10:24 PM  

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