Saturday, May 06, 2006

purdy flowers

This one's for you, Little David!

The tulips in our front yard are so dark they almost look black! And the hydrangea on the left survived the transplant as did the yellow leafy thingy that should hopefully turn into some terrific ground cover some day when it grows up!

The tulips in the back yard are almost all spent... but they were purdy.


  • I've never seen tulips that color. They're beautiful, glad to see you have a sign of spring there too!

    By Blogger Ayekah, at 5/07/2006 1:24 PM  

  • The tulips are lovely in their darkness. Hydrangeas are pretty too.

    By Blogger annie, at 5/07/2006 3:06 PM  

  • I have some of those same tulips. They are called black tulips. Always the last to bloom. Hmmm...

    Yours are looking great! Way better than mine this year.

    Happy ANniversary!

    By Blogger SpookyRach, at 5/09/2006 8:34 AM  

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