Friday, July 07, 2006

Perty Flowers

Friday Flowers from our front porch and the Salvation Army lawn nearby. I picked the white daisies near the sidewalk while taking a walk with Sam on Friday. I left the daisies outside in the stroller cupholder all day by accident. with no water to sustain them they wilted and I thought they'd never recover. But I put them in water anyway and over the next couple of hours they un-sagged themselves and look beautiful!

Our neighbors have been unintentionally benevolent, watering our back yard by accident. They've strategically placed their sprinkler so perfectly to water the back half of our back yard every night! It's wonderful of them! And our front yard gets watered by default since our next door naighbor to the north of us is uphill and waters her lawn every single day! Ironically, we do nothing with our front yard and it is quite green and lovely looking!

In other news, did you know coffee absorbs odors? Good for us, bad for the coffee. I had some nasty coffee in the cupboard and after I heard this bit of trivia I put some in the bottom of the diaper pail. Lo and behold it smells delicious now! Seriously, it works! And it's been at least a week now. Still smellin lovely in there!
Oh ya. Gotta love that.

Finally, a good use for Folgers.


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