Monday, July 25, 2005

In Other News....

How in the world do y'all find time to write so much in your blogs? Y'all are CRAZY! (in a good way) I go away for a few days and come back and there are 52 entries in my bloglines. Some of you have written FIVE ENTRIES in the past 3 days. And it's the WEEKEND! Woah. That is really remarkable.

And today I may disappoint you if you were hoping for something with any kind of depth to it. But I do feel I must post just to keep up with the Joanzez. Or something like that. heh.

Mostly I'm kidding.

We had a good weekend. We visited friends and frenz and some more frendzez. We got to see some folks from Texas we don't see often but they were in Northern Michigan so we drove way up into the woods to see them and that was fun. We found a LOVELY little JEWEL of a campground on Jewel Lake - maybe someday we'll actually camp there.

We're really blessed with terrific friends.

Our porch renovation is nearly completed. Someday I'll get pictures on Flickr so you can see the transformation. Way cool.

The cats are fine, I know you're all dying to know. They survived the weekend without us since Aunt Pat fed them and watered the plants like the lovely friend that she is. 2 of the tomatoes look like they want to get ripe soon. Which is fun. Yay for ripe tomatoes! Yum.

On Hotness: I remember a time when I could just lie in bed at night and imagine I was floating in ice water and my body would cool itself right down. Presto, I was fine.

And that reminds me: I had a memory the other day you might identify with. I saw the sun glint off an old fashioned metal slide in a playground when we were driving... Remember those? I think they make them out of vinyl now or something. But I saw the sun reflecting off this metal slide and suddenly I remembered how it felt to be 4 and our butt cheeks would BURN when we sat down on that slide that seemed ginormous because we were only 3 feet tall. But we did it anyway because it was fun to slide and we were brave! We'd go "OW! OW!! OOO! OOO!! OW!" the whole way down, but we did it anyway...... and then we climbed up the ladder and did it again!

'Member that? :o)


  • My connection is down at home so I am on at the library and I'll be darned if yours is not the first post I read, and here I am, grinning from ear to ear about burnt butt cheeks!!

    I agree with you, some of these bloggers are quite prolific.

    By Blogger annie, at 7/25/2005 7:47 PM  

  • Yes, yes, I remember!! And sometimes we'd be sweaty and stick to the slide and get rub burns on our butts too!

    You're welcome for feeding the kitties and plants. Jesus watered the plants all night until Sunday morning, so I only made the first trip. ;)

    By Blogger Just Pat, at 7/25/2005 8:15 PM  

  • JP... I FORGOT that part - you're right!! We used to call the rub burns SLIDE BURNS!! ha!

    And Annie... I'm so glad to get you to CRACK a smile over butt burns in the library.

    By Blogger Captainwow, at 7/25/2005 9:54 PM  

  • Ooh! Ooh! I 'member!

    By Blogger SpookyRach, at 7/26/2005 11:10 AM  

  • Know what I remember the most? Blisters on my palms from the monkey bars. Ooh, those hurt.

    By Blogger ., at 7/26/2005 4:44 PM  

  • I remember that too!

    By Blogger PPB, at 7/28/2005 4:08 PM  

  • *laughing* ... me too, i remember! and the slides seemed soooooo high and such a thrill to come down ... *sigh* childhood sure was filled with cheap thrills back then ... do kids today really need all the gizmoes to have fun? or do they still play hide 'n seek, slide and skip?

    By Blogger Saija, at 7/31/2005 7:43 AM  

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