Saturday, March 05, 2005


I am in love with my hairstylist. I fell in love with her the first time I met her when she said "Don't you dare ever color your hair - don't you perm it, don't you touch it with anything chemical - it's byootiful just the way it is!" These words are music to a girl's heart! You guys out there should be writing this down....

My last stylist was a very interesting guy. His name is Adonis. Seriously, that is the name on his business card and everything. Little dude - balding on top but trying desperately to hide it - and very very brave with whatever hair he had left. He was very out there with his feminine side, and outrageous. He smelled like bad coffee and Camel cigarrettes. He laughed like he'd smoked a thousand or two too many of those Camels, and we got along, and he was very very GOOD with my hair. He didn't charge an arm and a leg and he gave me great haircuts every time! He also did my neighbor's hair - at her house. She didn't get out much so he would go to her house and do her hair now and then. I not only saw him at my hair appointments, but also we'd wave now and then out on the lawn. He was a good guy, I just never really totally warmed up to him. He did my hair... he did a good job, we laughed at our jokes. I paid him. I left. He always told me I had gorgeous hair too - but it never had much effect on me.

This newer stylist's name is Maha. She's a stunning woman. She is from Jordan so she's got the olive skin, brown eyes, dark hair thing going on. She dresses fashionably but not faddishly. She's very practical, doesn't try to upsell or get me to by more goo for my hair. She always remembers who I am and asks me how it's going being married... and she always tells me how pretty she thinks I am! I noticed today that there's something about someone you consider to be beautiful telling you that you're pretty that is a bit more powerful then the average compliment, don't you think? Like what if your favorite movie star came to town and knocked on your door and said "You're GORGEOUS!" Katherine Zeta Jones, or Brad Pitt... or Sean Connery or Julia Roberts.... I don't know who you think is great - I guess that's fodder for a whole other blog post but my point is, that there's something very different about Flaming Adonis telling me how great my hair looked and Maha telling me the same thing.

But I digress... today I arrived with splinters in my butt from riding the fence so much. I want to hack off my bangs/I want to keep growing them out/I want to hack the freakin frakkin things off!/I should keep them it takes so long to grow them out again .....
Maha gave me a wonderful pep talk, told me my hair was byootiful, I don't have a big honkin forehead to hide, etc... so here I am still nearly bangless and pumped up to stick to the plan to keep growing them out.

Rah Rah RANG! Kickem in the BANGS!!

Also, I had to confess to her that I had fallen off the wagon and was using again. Using non-salon hair products, that is. I know, it's sad. Everyone loses, but I just couldn't help myself. The grocery store shampoo is so much cheaper! And it smells fine usually....... At first it's do-able, I think, no problem I can handle this. Soon things start building up, the whole thing loses its shine. Next thing I know I'm back at the Salon begging for help again. It's a nasty cycle.

Maha gave me a pep talk for that too.

She also gave me a head massage, and taught me a new way to put my hair up... told me again not to ever perm or color my hair....

Ya, so if you've ever heard my diatribe about tipping hairdressers - I take it all back!


  • it is amazing what a difference it makes when a care-taker actually does their job. i settled so long for near abuse from other hair dressers because i never knew that there could be wonderful treatment out there.

    i adore my stylist i have now - she has moved and is commuting, but i know that will end soon, she wants to start her family - i am so sad - i finally had someone who made me feel heard and really taught me how to care for my hair. i know there are more out there - but having to weed through the yuck to find them is very frustrating.

    yay for maha! i'm so glad she takes such good care of you!

    By Blogger bobbie, at 3/06/2005 9:52 AM  

  • Um...SHARE!! I want your hairdresser to be MINE!

    By Blogger Headless-in-GR, at 3/06/2005 10:37 AM  

  • my stylist is ida and i have had her for four years. she only replaced my former stylist of like a bazillion years because she had the nerve to move to florida. wench.

    i like a stylist who doesn't make you conform to what their idea of good is. even though if they make a suggestion, it is usually right on the money.

    use clips on those bangs to grow them out. persevere. be thoroughly modern until you are 1000% sure you are ready to lop.

    then use clips again until they grow out again.



    By Blogger ~m2~, at 3/06/2005 2:03 PM  

  • Yeah, maybe you could send both headless and me in Maha's direction.
    Ha!! Send "headless" to get her hair done! She has a head after all!
    Ah hemmm....sorry.
    Anyway, yes, I slipped into the crappy product thing too and I'm paying for it. I haven't had split ends in years. Years. But I have 'em. What was I thinking? I can do with cheap shampoo, as long as I have really good conditioner.

    By Blogger Just Pat, at 3/07/2005 6:20 AM  

  • Ok. So if I took a bus instead of an airplane, I might save enough to make the trip to this hairstylist from heaven do-able. Yeah... I would probably have to skimp on the tip, though. And the mortgage. Hmm...

    By Blogger SpookyRach, at 3/08/2005 10:59 AM  

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