Thursday, March 03, 2005

Wading Moose and Other Random Things

For a good laugh, check out these pictures: summer sizzle.

We have a wild turkey that lives in our neighborhood. This is so strange that he's been in the local paper. He lives a few houses down I think. A couple of times I've had to stop the car and wait for him to cross. He's like one of those preoccupied shoppers in the parking lot at Target that will walk as slow as they damn well pleases while you sit and idle.
So maybe if we put out a wading pool he'll have some fun in it.

Incidentally, have you ever read the book Rascal? (I can't remember the author)
Excellent book about a boy and his pet racoon. I read it over and over as a kid. It was right up there with Black Beauty and The Chronicles of Narnia.

Speaking of insomnia... (which we weren't)
I had another night of nearly zero sleep the other night. This is not so rare, but it was preceded by reading a book that got me thinking in a new direction about things I've not given much thought to over the years. (I may expound on this at a later date when I've formulated my thoughts better and allathat) In my world, of course this requires that I must obsess over these things endlessly even if that means not sleeping. Even if I would rather NOT obsess, I do it anyway.

A good thing that came of all that is that In the middle of the Obsessfest I remembered a tune I had been taught on Sunday and promptly forgot. So now that's in my head firmly - for now, at least. Random, but good. See, I'm musician. As such, my dirty little secret is that I have a degree in music, but I cannot remember tunes or words to save my life unless I've sung or played them hundreds of times or the music is right in front of my face. Don't know why that is. It's sad, but true. If you hide out in my trunk though, and secretly go on a road trip with me, you just might hear me sing Somewhere Over The Rainbow at the top of my lungs, with half of the words missing and lots of la de dahs. Wouldn't that be a treat?

Ya, so in other news, I'm off to see the doctor today. I'm going to talk to her about all my little nagging issues and ask that she'll wave a magic wand and make me all better.

It could happen....


  • Add me to the shame club of people that majored in music and can't remember tunes or words. I am not humble about it though. I make them up and then insist that I am right. I have taught my nieces incorrect words toseveral classics They will be mocked in perpetuity

    By Blogger PPB, at 3/03/2005 2:27 PM  

  • "obssessfest" - I love that!
    I have those sometimes.

    By Blogger ., at 3/03/2005 3:24 PM  

  • ppb -- I'm so glad to know I'm not alone!

    stinky, are your obsessfests as fun as octoberfests? :o)

    By Blogger Captainwow, at 3/03/2005 3:41 PM  

  • How 'bout an Octobssessfest, where you can't quit pondering the existential meaning of lederhosen.


    You are a hoot, Captain Wow!

    By Blogger SpookyRach, at 3/04/2005 9:41 AM  

  • ~sighs~ I sing out loud also...but not well. Ask Rach and she will tell ya. I tend to be sitting at my desk and then burst forth in song. I really only remember all of the words to *Jeremiah was a Bull Frog* and *Happy Birthday*. I believe making up words as you go along is a talent ~grins~.

    By Blogger Princess of Everything (and then some), at 3/04/2005 11:16 AM  

  • I love the way your mind wanders! At least you can sing, my singing voice leaves a little to be desired. One summer when I was a counselor in a cabin with young girls, I was trying to quietly sing to one of them to calm her down and get her to sleep by boring her to sleep with my worked quite well with my own children, but the little girl put her finger up to my mouth to shut me up!

    By Blogger annie, at 3/04/2005 11:34 AM  

  • No Cap'nwow, you are not alone. ;-) I don't have a music degree, but I may as well have, for the studying I have done, and for my love of music. But I have an awful time remembering a tune from one day to the next unless I can find a scrap paper and pencil, draw a makeshift treble clef and jot down the first measure or two of notes -- in the key of C, for simplicity. Once it is *visualized* for me, I can recall the rest of the tune. Funny, huh?

    And words? What are they??? When I listen to a song, I hear the voice as if it were another instrument... I am oblivious to the actual lyrics.

    By Blogger Willena, at 3/07/2005 10:26 PM  

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