Friday, December 03, 2004

And God Bless the Rest of the World, Too

Is it just me, or is Blogger incredibly slow these days? Half the time I can't hit the pages I want and if I try to post, it takes for EVER. I had half a notion to post yesterday but it took so long for the thing to come up I finally said screw it and went back to painting.

Painting. That's what I've been up to all week. And I do mean ALL week. I'm doing one of those projects I would usually not bother with. Painting the kitchen with not one, not two, but THREE DIFFERENT COLORS!

This time, I'm not doing my usual thing of just throw myself into it and see how it all comes out in the end. I, for a change, have done some prepping and preparing and planning and dreaming. I actually WASHED and then PRIMED the walls. Really, I do believe that is a first.

The other first is that I imagined these colors, I found them, and when I put them on the walls, it actually comes out looking like I thought it might. So yummy. Here are the paint colors, just to make you drool: Swiss Chocolate. Vanilla Steam, and then the boring one: Lyndhurst Gallery Beige. It goes on looking like silly putty then dries to a very nice coffee with cream color. That's what I was going for, coffee and cream. The Swiss Chocolate reminds me of the movie Chocolat - the swirling, rich chocolate, I feel like a child smearing chocolate all over the walls, I can even smell it. It makes me feel warm and yummy.

So ya, that is that part of the Kitchen Project. Also in the works are a dishwasher for which no plumbing or electrical for such things exists yet... But may before the end of next week... A new vinyl floor that will beat the pants off the ancient peel and stick that has been there so long it's become peel and shift and UNstick. Sitting in our living room in the flat IKEA boxes are a wonderful BASE CABINET, Folding Wall Mounted Table, Matching Shelves, and a pot rack. They sit and stare at me, begging to be assembled and put to use. I tell them soon, very soon, precioussssses.

So, as you can gather from all that, instead of blogging, I've been working on that project. And not going to work. Not driving 53 miles to work and back every day. Yay! Not getting up early. Yay! Not thinking about work, not missing it, not longing for it, feeling pretty darn happy about my decision to quit. Yay, and Amen and Praze JAYzuz!


Did I mention that I don't regret not working? grin

So the what's next question still hangs in the air but I'm less anxious about it. It's becoming OK to take some time to figure that one out, which also includes figuring out what I really want, which includes figuring out who I really am underneath this amazing persona I've created to keep the paparazzi interested but not so interested they snap pictures of us sunbathing nude on our back deck.
Of interest to me lately in this leg of my journey:

The Enneagram
Ignatius of Loyola
Spiritual Direction

Tonight we're going to a party. Kevin's work party. At the BOB. Don't worry about me if I say this but I love that they serve Bombay Sapphire Gin and other Top Shelf delights. I really really want to wear the black afro wig and the black feather boa. If I only had nine lives.

In other news. I'm getting some serious dental work done. I may as well say this out loud. This scares the crap out of me. Having gone my whole life with only one filling... I'm about to get TEN of them. TEN EFFING FILLINGS! Five at a time, two sessions! Can you buhLEEVE THAT!? I'm having myself a mini crisis over this. Apparently I've got some serious Acid Reflux that is eroding my teeth away and I really wasn't aware that it was that serious. So there's that too, to go get checked out. Did I believe I'd stay young forever? Yes, I think I must have. Yesterday I smiled in the mirror and saw my smile wrinkles are deeper and wrinkly-er. THAT doesn't bother me. I like that. I've got a good relationship with those wrinkles, and any gray hair that sprouts - and I'll wear them proudly. Wrinkles and Gray hair are Sexy. Fillings are not. It could be much worse, you don't need to tell me that, because I know.
But for now, I don't like it - not one bit.
So there.
I'll get over it....

On a funny note, Amazing Man bent over to pick up something off the floor and PLOOP! His glasses slid out of his pocket and RIGHT into the toilet! We got a laugh out of it and they got a sterilizing Rubbing Alcohol Bath Pronto.

Hope you're having a groovy day!


  • I can see the paint fumes are getting you high.
    What a wonderful whirling, twirling dance in a day of your life.
    I had my camera ready too but I just couldn't stop watching.
    Now what's a paparazzi like me to do? I got nothing babe cept the groovy feeling.

    ... Some cool links that makes you thinks.

    Take Care

    By Blogger Michael, at 12/03/2004 4:02 PM  

  • oh yeah: you are deep in the heart of feng shui frenzy! all of those lovely colors you described are so earth element - so grounding and nesting. and I hear you about not working - everyone should find a way to take a few months off - does wonders for perspective . . . and the feng shui-ing will actually help with the next shift for you . . . cool :)

    By Blogger Katherine, at 12/03/2004 4:09 PM  

  • Still loving the colors! It's going to be delicious when it's done!

    I'm a "2," by the way, in case you hadn't guessed. But, one point below I'm tied for 3 and 9.

    By Blogger Just Pat, at 12/03/2004 10:38 PM  

  • yes, blogger has been sloooooooooow lately! your kitchen sounds amazing! hurray and congrats on that quit job thing! i have been digging to the real self lately and it's taking a lot longer than i thought it would, glad to know i'm not alone! :) we'd love to see some pictures of that amazing kitchen when it's done!

    By Blogger bobbie, at 12/04/2004 6:26 AM  

  • wowser...

    No one gets silver fillings anymore...
    they crack...they leak...and, like you said, they look don't fill your mouth with 10 of those!

    Bombay Sapphire Gin...hmmm...never heard of it...really good though? Who's Gin? And what is Bombay Sapphire about her?

    I recently found, and posted on my website, lots of different ways to share.

    Here they are:

    Sexual Intimacy (erotic or orgasmic closeness)
    Emotional Intimacy (being tuned to each other's wavelength)
    Intellectual Intimacy (closeness in the world of ideas)
    Aesthetic Intimacy (sharing experiences of beauty)
    Creative Intimacy (sharing acts of creating together)
    Recreational Intimacy (relating in experience of fun and play)
    Work Intimacy (the closeness of sharing common tasks)
    Crisis Intimacy (closeness in coping with problems and pain)
    Conflict Intimacy (facing and struggling with differences)
    Commitment Intimacy (mutually derived from common self-investment)
    Spiritual Intimacy (the we-ness in sharing life's ultimate concerns)
    Communication Intimacy (the source of all types of true intimacy)

    "Spirituality"? I define it as "the knowledge that God is directly involved with us at any level."

    God bless you and Kev.


    By Blogger Steve, at 12/04/2004 12:40 PM  

  • How about hot pink fillings? That might be sexy in an 80's sort of way. Had a dream about you last night. We were eating out w/ someone else, something about a barbie doll in an oven and we were laughing hysterically. I woke up w/ a smile on my face, so thanks!

    By Blogger ., at 12/06/2004 10:17 AM  

  • Yes, blog, very slow. I'm guessing that they can't keep up with their popularity.

    Cool stuff about your kitchen. By the way, have you hunted for a dishwasher? I am looking for one too and my head is spinning. Please share anything that might help.

    Busy times. Thinking of you.

    Just because you are good and happy not working doesn't mean that we are happy that you are not here. Miss you....

    By Blogger JustMe, at 12/07/2004 11:55 AM  

  • Ah yes, the signs of age come increasingly faster. However, my dear, I would venture to say that no matter the amount of wrinkles, status of teeth, nor gray in the hair, you are and will remain a woman of rare beauty.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12/08/2004 12:38 AM  

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