Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Sidebar Envy

Bummer, dude.

Your sidebar is bigger than mine.


OK so I don't get it. I ADMIT IT, OK!?!? Maybe it's like algebra or something. And there's an x missing? Or I forgot to divide on both sides to make one of the letters disappear?


Blogger help said probably you have an entry that's too wide in your post and it's crowding out your sidebar.
uh huh...
And, that would be what I said in my letter begging for help. I had a big thing in there and then I deleted the big thing so there's no big thing now to crowd out the little thing and the whole thing should be FINE but the thing is -- the thing is actually WORSE! Well, actually I didn't say it quite like that - I said it without saying thing and thingy all over the place.

::sigh:: Thanks for listening, I feel better now.

And I planted some flowers this weekend.
In a pot.
And they're pretty.

See? My whole blogging jive is off 'cause of this whole sidebar thing. I'm really hung up on it. It's affecting my grammar and EVERYTHING! Thusly why I haven't wroten a pickin' thing all weekend.
Started to, but then got to niggling on the whole sidebar thing and obsessing and had to quit.

In other news, I got some new tires today. The tires were beginning to show white through them. Balder than Bald, one'o them thar tahrs wuz. While waiting there I spotted The Gov. The Governor is the father and grandfather of some friends of mine and I really don't know where his nickname came from, but it's fun calling him that so I do. So The Governor and I stood and talked while I waited for my new tire installation and then he asked me for a ride home. So I gave him one because his condo is very close to my work. He talked to me about the war in Iraq and about being a veteran and about turning 85 and about working at the bank for 30 years and he asked me about my wedding and how did I like living in GR and I asked about his wife's eyes and his trip back north for the summer and he asked about my mom and then we were at his house and we said goodbye.
I can't put my finger on this sense I had about this unexpected interaction. It seemed like only small talk on the surface, but there was something about it that seemed to me a gift. A tiny suprise in the middle of a mundane task.


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