Monday, February 09, 2004

Random Boldness

Not sure how everything on my blog suddenly decided to be randomly bold and unbold. But hey. Whatever, it all reads the same, right?
There's a grapefruit on my desk today with a face on it. Scott got tired of it sitting there so he put eyes and a moustache on it. And then Amy came along and made a chef had out of kleenex. His name is now Pierre.
I may not be able to eat him now, he has a face, and an accent and personality.
There's also a carnation on my credenza that the Mary Kay ladies brought in when they were trying to get us all to sign up for a "free makeover.". I took the flower and declined to sign up for the makeover. Shame on me, but the flower is STILL amazing. That was 3 Fridays ago and the thing looks as good as new. My theory is that it is because I placed it in a Smirnoff Green Apple Twist Bottle. There must have been a little of the drink left in there and it's preserving the flower. So maybe instead of that little bit of powdered flower food they give at the florist they should give a shot of Smirnoff Green Apple flavored Vodka drink.
One for the flowers and one for me.... WEEEE!


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