Friday, January 30, 2004

Going in Circles

Just got off the phone with US BANK. Did you know that if you have a corporate credit card account with several cards on it and you pay off the balance -- people's who's cards are maxed out still can't USE them until the NEXT STATEMENT CYCLE!?
Ok so I said, "What is the point of me calling in the payment by phone?" She says:
"Well then it's paid off. "
"But now I have someone in Albequerque trying to make flight changes and rent a car and she can't use her card anyway?"
"Yes that's right."
"So the card isn't paid off, then, is it?"
"Yes, it is. See, you don't understand how our system works...."
"Yes, yes I think I do understand how this works. Excuse me for interrupting you. Let me see if I've got this straight: I can pay the account off every day of the year by phone -- every hour on the hour even, if I want to, but these people still can't use their cards until the next billing cycle date. And there is no way for me to pay any balances on anyone's individual cards."
"Yes, that's what I'm saying."
"Ok then we're on the same page. Here's my frustration: when I called and asked what do I do when one of our employees gets declined on their card and someone from your customer service told me no problem just pay it by phone - that might have been an ideal time for someone to inform me that I very well could pay it by phone but that I would be wasting my time because those folks out on the road still won't be able to use their cards until Febrary 9."
"Well maybe that would have been better, Yes, Ma'am."
"And this is now turning into circular conversation, isn't it?"
"Yes, Ma'am, it is."
"Because you can't help with this issue, can you?"
"No, I wish I could but there's nothing I can do."
"Ok then, I'll shut up now."
"OK." "Can I help you with anything else?"
"No, no I don't think so. Have a nice day."
"Thank you for calling US Bank."


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