Thursday, January 22, 2004

Florence Nightingale

One of my favorite memories came back to me the other day and again this morning.
I was listening to a flute piece called Pan et les oiseaux - which, translated is Pan and the Birds. I'm pretty sure the composer was trying to imitate a nightingale.
Anyway, a few years ago the Ice Cream Troll and I bombed around Colorado/Utah in a rental car with a wimpy engine. We threw a tent and some camping gear in the truck and we stayed wherever we ended up. It was one of the best vacations I've had in my not so very long yet life. One night we were staying in Utah not too far from Monument Valley. It was a pretty great campsite. We were going to bed around dark usually, since we were tired by then and there isn't a TON to do after dark anyway. Since we went to bed so early we'd wake up early too and sometime early the in the AM I dreamed that my friend Annie was singing this incredible tune. I thought to myself "how can anyone sing like that?" It was amazing. It was WAY too many notes for a human voice to sing but it was incredibly beautiful! I started thinking "Wow, she sort of sounds like a bird!" Slowly, I started waking up and realizing it wasn't Annie singing at all. It WAS a bird. But I'd never heard a bird quite like that so I woke up Ice Cream and said what IS that bird? She said it was a nightingale, and I lay there and listened for a while, enjoying waking up slow, and eventually that bird quit singing and the others started in and the sun came up and the day began.
That there was one of the top 10 mornings in my not so very long yet life.


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