Friday, January 09, 2004

Bull Oney

So anyway, it's Friday now, and I'm pretty geeked about that. I just heard Paula making noises in the hallway about Happy Hour so it looks like a drinky might be in our near future.

I slept on and off last night. Had weird dreams. One of them included a raging black BULL that someone let in my room to fight with me. It was intentional, like a prank or something. Like "hey, let's see what she does with this one". So I was terrified but true to form I decided to fight and see what happened. As luck would have it, I was a very skillful bullfighter and my superhuman ability to grab a bull by the horns and throw it down on it's back magically surfaced. It was quite exciting even if terrifying. I threw the bull down over and over but it never got tired or hurt enough to quit coming after me. I was unable to get it together enough to do it any severe damage, as I was always on the defense. I was standing on my dresser, and that gave me a height boost, but I began to wonder if I could hold out long enough to beat that bull. Right about then is when the scene changed and I found myself in the bathroom putting lotion on my newly acquired sunburn and pleasantly surprised at my sudden lack of body fat. I flexed my muscles in the mirror and thought "wow! That's cool! I wonder how THAT happened!". Next, I found myself hugging my aunt Sharon - because someone had just died. I don't know who died but it was incredibly painful and I woke up with that grief heavy on my chest. -- Except it wasn't GRIEF heavy on my chest, it was my cat, Hobbes, wanting to be fed.
So I got up and fed him and all was well in the world.


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