Monday, January 05, 2004

Happy New Year Y'all

Congrats to MMY for conquering the pepper spray training!! I'm in awe. The other day I had a raw throat for whatever reason and ate some reasonably hot food and proceeded to choke on into oblivion, so I can't imagine getting pepper spray IN the EYES ON PURPOSE. Not jealous, not one bit.
And way to go Hoop with the slicing and dicing. I hear you're doing very well at it and evangelizing the world. - And why not? You'd be good at just about anything you tried I imagine.

In other news, the drive today "sucked like the big sucky sucking things on the bottom of the fish tank that suck the crud off the rocks and stuff." - I can't take credit for that creative blurb and I can't remember who said it so I'm using quotes.
Anyway, the drive was about like that. Slimy roads and mucked up windshields make for a long long drive. Methinks me won't be doing this next winter.

The coffee's good though.
And that's a good thing.
think positive,
think positive,
think positive.....................


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