Tuesday, January 06, 2004


Definition: Attitude - Position of airplane relative to the horizon, ie a climbing attitude,
straight-and-level attitude, etc.

Things affecting my attitude today: Another crappy drive. Way crappy. And running out of windshield wiper fluid halfway to work. Seeing is important on a good day.
Driving 1.5 hours to a place I don't want to be anyway is a drag. A big, dragging drag BUMMER, dude.

ON a more POSITIVE note, for the first time ever, I tried deceit and betrayal as a strategy in Age of Kings the other night. I gave this one king everything he asked for and made "friends" with him while the whole time I was building my armies in his camp and setting him up for defeat. At the right time, I switched his status to "ENEMY" and proceeded to annihilate him.

"This grieves me." he said, "For I am thine Ally. I pray thee, do not make war with me."
He begged me endlessly to remain allies, but I stonily ignored his puny pleas for mercy.

he he he.... ahem. Anyway, that was fun.


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