Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Chatting with Cheerios

I saw a funny thing last night. I was driving home, and I noticed that there were brown papery things flying all over the highway. Sort of reminded me of leaves, but there's lots of snow on the ground so it couldn't be leaves I thought to me. Then I noticed there was this big truck, like the kind you usually see hauling dirt or something. Big dirty dirt truck with a red cab and lots of grime on it. As I got closer I could see these papery pieces were flying out of it and there was something brownish orange piled up past the top of it, fluttering out all these pieces. So I scooted up behind it to investigate this truck. Turns out it was an onion truck - piled high with onions, their brown papery skins flying all over the place. That's LOTs OF ONIONS, quite the haul there. I was talking on the phone at the time and our call got dropped and we picked it up and it got dropped again and so in between I had some thoughts.

And I very clearly "heard" inside myself this: "I need to play my flute."
So I'm not going to try to tell you what the link is there between onions and flute playing because there is none that I know of, it just happened in that order. So today, or soon I will be buying some music and learning some new stuff just for fun. Seems like maybe I'm ignoring a part of myself that shouldn't be ignored so I'm going to try that and see if it seems right in the actual doing of it.
Seems it would be good for me to actually use my gifts, play my flute, express that part of me.
If I'd dreamed about that onion truck I would have said it was symbolic of all the layers of me and some of the unused, dried up unnecessary layers are blowing away in the wind because they are no longer needed. But I didn't dream it, it was real - or at least I'm pretty sure that I had a grip on reality at that moment. So it's just an interesting sight in my memory banks now. Completely mundane but possibly not.


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