Monday, January 12, 2004

Check out imploding heart on the right there under links for a great post on needy vs wanty. Interesting chewing for thinky thoughts.

What reminded me of it was eating a grapefruit just now and tying that in with a conversation I had at Little Mexico with Lois, Cheryl and Jane the other night. We were discussing "addictive personality". Seems to me that it is a human condition but some are more prone to others. For instance it is widely known worldwide that I am addicted to coffee. I am OK with this for now. There will come a time when my body will not tolerate the caffeine anymore and I'll quit it. Until then, slurp slurp! This ties in with needing and wanting because while I may not be needy ALL the time I am sometimes very wanty - and occasionally I wander into needy. Maybe we're splitting hairs here but today I ate the other half of the grapefruit I ate on Friday. With Salt. And a little sugar too. I thought. hm. Another half would be great.
While I was peeling this half of the grapefruit I thought about how I only have patience to peel a half of one at a time. Cause I learned from Pat that if you take the membrane off the inside fruity part it isn't bitter. So this takes a good long time I guess until one gets good at it. Patience isn't my best attribute normally so I find it a stretch to mess around with an entire grapefruit in this fashion. Anyway, it seemed to me that it might be a good thing - this peeling a grapefruit and having to wait for a less bitter piece of fruit and sit and contemplate while doing it. Gives me time to slow down and be quiet.
We watched The Last Samurai this weekend and Kevin and I were both struck by the quietness and how the movie made us both long for that quietness of spirit talked about in the movie. So where am I going with this?
aha, I knew you'd ask.
There's a link between my level of patience, my quietness of spirit and my level of needy/wanty-ness. Inversely proportional you might say. Less of one, more of the other, etc. So while I'm needing/wanting grapefruit all the time lately, I'm still getting the benefit of quietness while patiently peeling the thing. Seems like a spiritual thing to me.


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