Friday, December 08, 2006

Pain for Sale!

I just got caught waxing!! Wouldn't you believe it.

And don't ask me why I chose to wax my legs in the living room.

But I did, and of course my friend chose that moment to drop off something I left at her house on Sunday! ha. She said she wished she had a camera. I'm glad she didn't.

Oh well. So I waxed this AM. Sam went down for a very early nap. It was one of those times where I just had no idea what to do with him. We did all the fun stuff and he still wasn't happy so I thought hm. I guess I'll put you in your crib and see what happens. He grabbed Baby Bear, rolled onto his side and was out in about 2 minutes! And this after sleeping a LOT last night! wow.

We've had a bit of a rough go lately, poor little dude is cutting a bunch of teeth all at once and I think he has a cold too. Can't breathe well when he's laying down. We've gotten very little sleep, but last night he slept a lot, though he cried out often - maybe from pain or frustration about the breathing. I, on the other hand woke up at 3 AM when I usually feed him -- even though he didn't need to be fed at that time last night -- and couldn't get back to sleep. garr...

The cool thing is that he has had 2 out of three of the last few nights where he didn't eat anything at all during the night!! I've been trying to faze that part of our lives down because frankly I'm sick of getting up in the night and feeding him. I thought he'd get over it himself just by getting older but apparently not. So he's had a little help breaking the habit. I'm hopeful that it's working! More sleep might be on the horizon.... What a Christmas gift that would be!

Yesterday Sam went to the Mall for the very first time. You may remember me posting about how energy sucking Malls are for me, but lately I was thinking I need to get over there, then we can still walk, and the sights and sounds would be fun for Sam. Amazing Man reminded me of that yesterday when it seemed we were in for a very very long day. Sam was cranky right away yesterday morning after a night of very little sleep, not feeling well, etc. we thought maybe the mall would help him forget his woes. Sure enough, it worked like a charm. He was LOVING IT!!! Wow, I couldn't believe it. I even had fun!

So that's the news around here.... I'll go enjoy my little pain buzz from waxing and have another cup of coffee!


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