Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanky Thinks And Other Fumes

Still high on the fumes of my very first Turkey Baking experience, I thought I'd lurk around on some blogs, and visited a very old friend, RLP. I landed on THIS POST, and I think you might enjoy it too, go read!! go read!!

Ya, I say old friend because back in the day before he got all famous and everything, he actually was very encouraging when I was starting this blog. I now use that as a very big name dropping opportunity and tell everyone I "knew" him ?Back When".

Back to the fumes - Thanksgiving dinner went off with only minor hitches, and tasted wonderful if I do say so myself. I've never baked a turkey before!! And it was like baking a chicken on steroids. No problemo.

There's still pumpkin pie to enjoy later, when we aren't so STUFFED!

We have so much to be thankful for, as we always have. This year, Sam's First Thanksgiving, was not as dreamy as I might have thought it would be, if I'd thought about it ahead of time, which I did not because I was thinking about cooking a big BIRD and lots of other dinner items. He was fussy, and sort of on edge, and that made the start of dinner not so fun, but he got over it and so did we. I think we might have gotten at least one good family dinner table pic with him in it, so that's cool.

I got to thinking how I used to think that if I had everything just so I would be so very happy. If I had the right silverware, if everything matched, if the candles were placed just so. I used to think that if my bra was the right color light pink to match my socks and my teal shirt went with my cream colored jeans just so I would feel really happy that I matched all the way down to my skin even if everyone else didn't know that. I thought that would make me feel really great. And I thought that if that one curl didn't go the right way I was going to have a ruined day.

I still want everything to look nice. I still like that feeling, but I realize that I do have the silverware I really really wanted. And you know what? It's too heavy, and if it drops on the table, it puts a dent in our perfect table that we really really wanted. And those cream colored jeans that went perfectly with my teal shirt got BW3 Hot Wing Sauce on them at somebody's 30th birthday party and THAT made me feel really sad. So, now I'd love to get some different silverware, and I don't have any cream colored jeans, and the teal shirt is now getting threadbare because you know I got it back when Macy's was called HUDSON's in our area.... And that's a long long time ago.

These things are so fleeting and superficial. I'm thankful for them, but I'm thankful more for a great husband, a loving family, and an amazing little boy who cries at the dinner table!


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