Thursday, February 02, 2006


Groovin' on Pink Martini this morning. YUM!

<---With off the beaten track tunes, a CD jacket like that, and our own Little Dude on the way, how could I resist!?

Just in case you noticed any energy shift in my writing lately, (or lack thereof) I'm writing from a different place in the house these days. And from a new desktop PC! Amazing Man and I have combined our "offices" in order to have an actual baby's room. The logistics of getting both of our old outdated PC's networked, or up to snuff or whatever, seemed about as painful and/or expensive as buying a new one, so we just did that. It rocks. Back and forth, it rocks! We haven't got the Feng Shui exactly worked out in this room yet, but it's coming along.

I've been so out of touch with Processor speeds and such things. I didn't even know what a firewire is, I didn't know that PC's come without serial ports and floppy drives now. I didn't know that even the cheap ones come with slots for memory sticks and all kinds of plug in crap in the front, and plenty of USB ports and SPEED and CD writing and woah, the sound card is miles better and the Geek in me is doing a very animated happy dance about it all. Actually my inner Gadget Geek is dancing with my inner Martha Stewart today, since I get to make sushi for dinner tonight!

Meanwhile, my old emachine makes a good footrest, right here under the desk while I rip CD's and transfer old files and get Quicken set up and all that good stuff!

All that comes with coffee and a cinnamon roll and a snoring kitty curled up on the futon. ::sigh:: Life IS good.


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