Friday, December 09, 2005

Wintry Tune

you can hear a little of it here
#10 will give you an idea of the tune.
(this is one of my favorite holiday CD's)

The Frozen Logger
James Stevens

As I sat down one evening,
'Twas in a small cafe,
A forty year old waitress
To me these words did say:

I see that you are a logger,
And not just a common bum,
For nobody but a logger
Stirs coffee with his thumb.

My lover was a logger,
There's none like him today.
If you poured whisky on it,
He'd eat a bail of hay.

He never shaved the whiskers
From off his horny hide;
He'd drive them in with a hammer,
And bite them off inside.

My logger came to see me,
'Twas on a wintery day;
He held me in a fond embrace
That broke three vertebrae.

He kissed me when we parted
So hard it broke my jaw;
I couldn't speak to tell him
He forgot his mackinaw.

I saw my logger lover
Go stridin' through the snow,
A-goin' gaily homeward
At forty-eight below.

The weather tried to freeze him,
It did its very best;
At a hundred degrees below zero,
He buttoned up his vest.

It froze clear down to China,
It froze to the stars above;
At a thousand degrees below zero,
It froze my logger love.

And so I lost my logger,
And to this cafe I've come,
And it's here I wait for someone
To stir coffee with his thumb.


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