Tuesday, March 15, 2005


martha, martha... passed the stick on to me....

1. You're stuck inside Farenheit 451. Which book do you want to be? I haven't read Farenheit 451 yet, but I should have, because it's the next book for a book club I'm in so I guess I should be gettin to it.

2. Have you ever had a crush on a fictional character? As in - in a book? no. In Lord of the Rings, I crush on Aragorn. Not the actor - I crush on actors all the time, but that's about visuals mostly - not their character...... I'm not crushing on the actor that plays Aragorn, but he does such a great job playing Aragorn. I like his demeanor. There's something he carries with him - that fear of not being able to do better than his ancestor - that makes him self doubting and humble and quiet. But at the same time, he is a warrior and keeps fighting, pushing through, and encouraging others even though he has his own pain and issues.

3. The last book you bought was...? Bought the Inner Experience by Thomas Merton and Letters to a Diminished Church by Dorothy Sayers

4. The last book you read was...? The Testament by John Grisham

5. What are you currently reading? The Inner Experience by Thomas Merton, and Letters to a Diminshed Church by Dorothy Sayers and Ruthless Trust by Brennan Manning, Al Anon - how it works. (also, slowly re reading No Man is an Island)

6. Five books you would take to a desert island...Bible, No Man is an Island (by Thomas Merton) haha - PUN INTENDED! Jungle Survival books, probably. Books about herbs and how to take care of myself on that thar deserted island... this one is hard for me to answer. I couldn't even decide which books to bring to this city when I moved, let alone to a deserted island. :o)

7. What three people are you passing this stick on to and why?
I'm going to pass on passing this particular stick.... because I can. :o)


  • Oh no! I am probably not passing the stick on, either. Will we be victims of the dreaded seven years of bad luck for failing to pass the stick, or will we be banished, bookless, to a desert island?

    Do you belong to a real book club (as opposed to a cyber book club)? I was thinking that would be fun, but that's about all I have done, is think about it.

    By Anonymous annie, at 3/15/2005 1:55 PM  

  • Way to set boundaries, Wow. Just because the stick was given to you doesn't mean you need to stick someone else with it. :0)
    I like what you said about Aragorn. That's what I like about that character, too.

    By Blogger Just Pat, at 3/15/2005 10:11 PM  

  • i read TESTAMENT a few years ago and really enjoyed it ... it surprised me ...

    By Blogger Saija, at 3/15/2005 11:21 PM  

  • I've seen these questions you speak of, but I have no idea how to play! How does one play the game?

    My son had to read Fahrenheit 451 for school. Never heard of it before that.

    By Blogger Gayla, at 3/19/2005 6:29 PM  

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