Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Closing Ceremonies

So I was at the house in Lansing yesterday to get a few last things and wrap things up so the house can go to its new owners when my friend who was helping me flushed the toilet and splash splash drip drip went water all over the basement floor!

So TODAY Mr. Lopez the Plumber was there fixing that baby right up. No more leaky throne. Poor guy left his lights on though, and had to jump his car to get it started...

I also got a chance to talk to Richard who was a terrific neighbor when I lived there. He is retired and used to snowblow my driveway and sidewalk whenever it needed it, he checked in on me now and then and was generally friendly and nice to have for a neighbor. He was out trimming his rosebush today while Mr. Lopez was working in my bathroom so I went over and had a chance to express my thanks to him.

The neighbor on the other side... In her case it was great that she was looking out for me and it wasn't great that she was looking out for me.
I'll just leave it at that.

All that to lead up to the headline that my very first little White House (had a Red Telephone in the basement) is sold, and the Closing Ceremony will take place tomorrow afternoon!

And here's a funny thing too: The realtor told me that I needed to bring my drivers license to the Closing Ceremony and she said to make sure I call to get my final readings from the utility companies. My brain interpreted that as "Bring a copy of your final readings to the closing." I proceeded to call the utility company and asked for my final reading so that I could take it to my closing. Yes, indeed I did do that, and yes indeed they surely did laugh at me. But In A Nice Way, that did not make me feel like a Complete And Total Dork.
The nice lady laughed and nicely informed me that it probably wasn't what my realtor meant.

So Grace Abounds
Thank you Mr. Lopez for fixing my toiletto so quickly and for being so nice even though clearly you had a crapola day. (literally)
Thank you Richard for being such a great naybor.
Thank you Jo for being you. The wisest thing I ever did hear you say was "Everyone should get to go through AA because everyone needs to get their shit together, You know?" Amen, Jo.
And thank you Nice Lady at the Board of Water and Light for Not Making Me Feel Stupid.


  • Amen, Wow friend. It's a bittersweet ending; sad to say goodby, but good to be sad.
    I think the second hardest thing about home ownership is buying the house, and the hardest thing is selling it. Home improvement takes a back seat to both in my book.

    By Blogger Just Pat, at 9/14/2004 11:03 PM  

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