Sunday, August 29, 2004

Puttin' on the Brakes

Side note: If I start out reading email and blogs and stuff without my glasses and then put them on halfway through, it's not so hot of an idea.
Makes me think of: "No hurlin' on the shell, dude! I just waxed it." -Crush, in Finding Nemo

It's been a busy week and weekend. Or more. I knew I needed a break so today I told myself to take one. But....I knew it would happen. I told myself not to, and I did it anyway. "Today is DAY OFF DAY. NO DOING ANYTHING today!" I told myself. And then I said "well.... maybe this one teeny weeny thing?"

So I scraped the rest of the paint off the windowpanes in the living room left from last week's coop day. It went well. The window looks GREAT! (Thanks to J and KA for the prep and prime job! One down, one to go.) Got the couch put back and then began cleaning up and taking the stuff downstairs that I won't need for painting the other window and finishing the french doors.

I started downstairs and Drill Seargent Self said: "SELF!! You're walking into a mine field down there! Don't Look! No organizing! No cleaning! Just put the box down, go back upstairs, finish your coffee and no one gets hurt! You need a day off! That's an ORDER!"

Cut to quite a long time and a very cold cup of coffee later.... I grabbed myself by the collar and dragged myself away from the organizing and cleaning frenzy and into the shower in order to make myself stop. Taking a shower usually gets me to stop working because once I'm clean I don't want to get dirty or sweat any more. It's a neat little trick I use on myself now and then.

I did find my diploma from GVSU. (kind of important - why was it in the box with the shoes that should have been thrown away in the early 90's and not in the file marked "Diplomas and Transcripts"?) I found the Christmas cards that I couldn't find last year. This means I bought them 2 years ago since I almost always buy my Christmas cards the week after Christmas because I'm too cheap to pay full price for them! I re-discovered my chicken feet slippers. And the Clairol Hot Rollers circa 1970's. A started but never finished cross stitch project and some extremely old acne cream. All with assorted other items, packed in boxes lined with newspapers dated 1995. I've carted These Boxes around everywhere I've moved and not unpacked/sorted these items since then becuuuuuuuuuuuuuuz.......... ??? Yah. I don't know. But anyway, the travels of those old boxes have finally ended. Stuff to give away is in one pile and stuff to throw away is in another.
Mybe I should sell the chicken feet on ebay?

The rest of today I will not work. I will relax. I will relax. I will. But first ...........


  • those are great chicken feet! :)

    acne cream from 1995! i love it! we had a couple of those kind of boxes in our last move. they had moved 2x before and we never unpacked them. i'm glad to say they are no longer living in our attic! :)

    i am addicted to 'clean sweeping'! it feels so good to rid yourself of excess baggage! like loosing weight without the diet!

    By Blogger bobbie, at 8/29/2004 4:21 PM  

  • hmm... could you come over to my place and do nothing here? 800 bucks for the chicken feet, tops. thanks for the comments on monologues and thanks for the poem!

    By Blogger Yo., at 8/30/2004 12:32 AM  

  • Oh yeah- cleaning! My HS/College diplomas are now 1/2 eaten by my dog! Can't wait to fram THAT and hang it in a prominent spot! Those chicken feet made me think of Percy the Pink Pig - remember him? Wonder where he got off to.

    By Blogger ., at 8/30/2004 10:03 AM  

  • You can't throw out the chicken feet, you never know when you might need them!

    By Blogger JustMe, at 8/30/2004 2:32 PM  

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