Thursday, July 29, 2004

Ve Haff a Veener!

And the winner is...... HEADLESS!

Congratulations, Headless! We here at the offices of Captainwow are proud to present you with our very last (for now) invitation to try gmail.

(the following should be read extremely quickly in a low, very intense voice)

**Winner need not be present to win. Within one (1) week after original post, Captainwow will make all reasonable attempts to notify the winner via email. If the winner cannot be contacted after reasonable attempts or fails to claim the highly coveted prize within thirty (30) days, another winner will be selected in their place, at a later date to be determined, which will also be held at the executive corporate offices of Captainwow. Captainwow is not responsible for illegible or erroneous information found in this blog or elsewhere. Captainwow reserves the right to interpret or change these rules at will and to make decisions concerning the award, acceptance and use of prizes in situations not covered by these rules.
This offer is void where prohibited by law or parental figures.

In other news, if you've read this far, YOU deserve a prize too!

For those wondering what the heck happened to Captainwow, he's been very fervently researching the Illuminati, creation of antimatter, and the practice of Yoga. Yoga really intrigued him until he discovered his little legs just won't work like that and he really has very little sense of balance. Now he's researching and studying Central America because he is also getting ready to embark on yet another journey. He'll be traveling in a few weeks to the land of Costa Rica. - More news on that as it arises.

This weekend he'll be experiencing his very first camping trip complete with campfires and tents and sleeping bags. We'll try to remember to take the camera along AND to take pictures of him enjoying himself so that you can share in the unique excitement and joy of an interplanetary being's adventures here on Earth.


  • Illuminati! I just want to be able to write like that! Forwards, backwards and upside down! I am trying to read the DaVinci Code but time seems to be an issue. We couldn't put down Angels and Demons. I tried reading it outloud to put J to sleep but I think it was a bit too graphic!

    By Blogger JustMe, at 7/29/2004 12:25 PM  

  • I'm da winna'!


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7/29/2004 2:11 PM  

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