Tuesday, July 06, 2004

I Dream Of Jeannie
(and everyone else too)

Well, it's been a while since I played the Dream Game. The game where the points don't matter and nobody wins. (or is that a show?)
It's the blog post where I use the titles from my dream journal for the last month or so and invent an entirely new dream using those titles. The titles are in italics and today's installment goes like this:

Here are the titles:
cousin died
old friends at a hotel
farting friend
at war with the Chinese
potluck with old friends
Bible Study at the bar
Car with No Windows
Father's Day Gift
annoying boy
flirting with the cashier
security system in the barn
weed killer and the athiest
Jane's Boyfriend
death sentence and redecorated my office
Tim wearing a skirt
guy with a fro

Here's the new dream:

My cousin died while we were visiting old friends at a hotel. We were very sad, but one of these friends was a farting friend who was very vocal about her conspiracy theories and thought we should be at war with the Chinese. So we never really got to be sad about my cousin because soon we had a potluck with old friends too, before riding our horses to Bible Study at the bar. I remember thinking that maybe some people would think this strange but after much ado we finally piled in and began driving the Car with No Windows. We drove to the mall to get a Father's Day Gift. We had along with us an annoying boy who seemed familiar but I'm not sure who he was. As we were getting ready to go I began flirting with the cashier.
Suddenly the scene changed and all of us installed a security system in the barn which would warn us against any intrusion of the weed killer and the athiest. Grandma blew away the first guy who attempted to enter the barn that day. She had terrific aim.
The funniest part was when Jane's Boyfriend handed me a death sentence and redecorated my office. He told me he had no choice since my coffee cup was blue. He morphed into one of my co workers named Tim wearing a skirt. I told him he looked nice (though I did think it was odd that he was wearing a skirt) and returned to my observation of the guy with a fro attempting to fit his head into a small hole in the wall.


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