Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes
Don't Let The Moon Break Your Heart

Well, we forgot to take Captainwow with us to Iowa. Which is sad for him because I'm sure he would have loved the trip.
We also forgot the digital camera. So you don't get to see the pictures we COULD have taken of Captainwow getting his first whiff of the fresh (or not so fresh) South Dakota Air and later on acquiring a sunburn while being pelted with aromatic dirt at the Inwood Iowa Demolition Derby. He would have enjoyed eating popcorn and a hotdog and cheering for the blue car that was draining fluids everywhere, missing most of its parts but still courageously attacking everything in sight.

We would have taken a close up of Captainwow getting lap time with Grandma and Aunts and Uncles and Cousins. Watching the Twilight Zone Marathon day while falling asleep after eating (again).

He didn't get to meet all the people who came from far and wide to meet him. They were happy enough with meeting us newlyweds but I think they might have been just a little disappointed that he wasn't there. He would have been very impressed at the welcoming generosity of Amazing Man's family.

Captainwow didn't get to go to Iowa but he's just gotten an invitation to go to New York City. So if all goes well - I'll post pics of that when he returns.

Meanwhile, I had some thinky thoughts on the airplane and during the weekend that I'll work on arranging into words and then into a good post.. so look for that on the horizon.


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