Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Have You Any Grey Poupon?

Since his bad self landed a few days ago, Captainwow has been mostly resting and learning the culture here on Earth. Specifically, he's been learning the culture of a very odd office environment in Lansing, MI, U.S.A. Which is a good start for him for now.

He particularly enjoys websurfing. He immediately took to it and discovered that this is his favorite website: VirtualStapler
We're a little concerned about his obsession with staplers until we're sure he's entirely de-pressurized, so to speak, from his amazing journey to Earth.

He wore the batteries out on the digital camera posing nude with various desk top items, playing with the zoom lens, and using the little screen to preview his own pictures obsessively, so additional photos will be delayed some as well as his biography. "Time these things do take." he said, when approached for an interview. (Star Wars was the first DVD he chose to view upon arrival.) We're not sure he entirely comprehends the concept of time, but it's clear that Yoda made an impression on him.

So far he's also read a few books. He chose to spend his first evening limiting his initial orientation to my office, so his choices were limited. He read a Webster's Dictionary, a Roget's II Thesaurus, A Second Edition HTML Complete, a New Testament, an REI camping gear catalog, the ingredients of a can of Coke, a Phone Book, and our entire PHP Health Insurance Policy. He's going to be a great resource, if he is capable of retaining all that information.

It appears he also considers himself a poet. On the filing cabinet he used my word magnets to send us this cryptic message: "after many word will they give hug". Our interpreters are working around the clock to unravel the mysteries that may be contained in this intergalactic communication. He refuses to help.

Since he's declined to comment on any of the clues we've uncovered I must inform you that for now we're left to patch together what little we can about this small but amazingly bright colored creature.

More news at 11 or whenever we get around to it......


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