Friday, June 04, 2004


Ya, my sideburns finally grew back in.

Wait -- no! I meant to say SIDEBAR.
It's back! Thanks to Mr. Michael the blogging angel
>sniff< I love you man!

Mocha is sitting on the nightstand staring out the window, which has a curtain over it. But she's staring intently as though she can see outside or something. Hm.

I woke up this morning with Hobbes rumbling away, sitting ON MY BACK. It would feel great if he just got those paws going a bit -- a little personal vibrating massage kitty. But no, he's not thinking of ME.....Purring like mad, he obviously wanted my attention but for the life of me I have no idea what he wants. He's been joined with me at the hip all morning long so I'm hoping he's not being needy because he's sick or something. Last night he was extra needy too. I tried confining him as long as possible, petting him enthusiastically, talking baby talk to him, rubbing his belly, tickling his ears, blowing little puffs of air in his nose -- in other words, irritating the crap out of him - but to no avail. He was back in 10 minutes wanting more. I tried being very direct with him. We had a talk. I asked him politely for a little space, stating that I had a lot to do and that he was impeding my progress.
Nope, that didn't work either.
So, I guess I could have worse problems. As I'm typing this he's curled up on my feet -- yes, that's ON my feet not AT them. As soon as I get up, he'll know it and follow me again. My little 12 yr old Toddler Kitty. >sigh<


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