Thursday, June 10, 2004

Time for the Booney Lin

I just got caught talking to myself.
And answering.

Which isn't entirely unusual... But ....

Let me explain:
I was looking at my checking account online and making sure all is wellywell in Finance Land when I spotted a difference in the today balance as opposed to the current balance which means there's a deduction floating out there that doesn't show up in the summary but the bank knows I spent money so it affects my balance. (it's a little weird) Anyway when I calculated the difference, it came to an amount that made sense to me.

Any performance of Math on my part requires muttering, So my co worker overheard this:
"Gas? Maybe it's Gas. Hmm..."
punching keys on the calculator
"OK Ya, it's gotta be Gas. Whew!"
laughter ensues from across the hall

Oh Boy, I can't take myself anywhere!


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