Friday, February 13, 2004

It's Friday again, and in case you've been wondering about Pierre, he's doing quite well. He's been quiet - and has been moved to the filing cabinet but ht's looking mighty handsome on his perch In front of the Monet Print next to all the Paid Invoices that need to be Filed.

And the carnation - is still looking good. With close inspection you can see some of the petals are a tiny bit past their prime but this Smirnoff sucking flower is amazing the crap out of all of us! 4 weeks old and counting!
Kevin and I are still working out - you should see our biceps! We look great! - er, well HE does. I look the same but my pants fit more comfortably now and that's a good thing!

My guts are a little calmer than earlier this week but still not 100% happy with whatever it is they have been grumpy about. I no speakie Intestinese very well.

Yesterday, if you noticed, my mood was Dandy. Last time I was Dandy before that was November 25. Before Thanksgiving and my inner shit storm that sent me off to Pluto and back. If you want to talk about a Pendulum swing - I was the Captain Wow-Hook with a severe hemorrhoid that had never heard of the Dalai Lama. So even if I am hanging in the middle more these days, with fewer wild reactions to life, It appears I'm still susceptible to the occasional transformation into Psycho Me.

Oh ya, and being on Prozac helps too.
Of course there's that. hehe. But I'd like to think it's my spiritual maturity that's helping me be more even keeled.


In other news, There are 85 days to The Wedding. 95 things to do and - 685 optional things to do that I'm just not going to mess with.


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