Monday, February 16, 2004


Do you ever do something and have it not turn out so well so you say to yourself, "Self: Don't do this again." But then you forget and do it anyway - maybe even with more flair and finesse even and the same thing happens again only it hurts even worse and you sit yourself down and in a very firm but kind voice say "Now Self: I know you're hurting right now but we need to talk. You need to calm down and listen to me. Don't you remember last time when this happened and how that felt and how you reminded yourself you wouldn't do that again? And you did it again. Well, don't do it again for real next time. Next time when you get that nagging feeling in the back of your mind that this might not go so well, REMEMBER THIS FEELING and Do Not, under any circumstances ignore your gut and repeat this scene."

I think Going Jesus calls it a clue stick. Maybe I've got it this time now that I've been clubbed over the head with the same one twice. We'll see.


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