Sunday, February 15, 2004

Bridal Moment!

Wow, yesterday I had a bridal moment. I almost cried right there in the chapel. Lois is doing flowers for my wedding so we went to look at the chapel so she could see what was up and allthat. I was standing there looking at this chapel in a different way than I ever had. I've been in there lots of times, it's also a recital facility (with awesome acoustics, by the way) for GVSU. I even stood up in a wedding there when my college room mate Jenny got married in 1993. She and I both played there in chamber concerts, etc. I'd even looked at it with the general idea of my wedding in mind, booked it and printed the name on the invitations but still yesterday seeing it for the first time with specifics in mind was amazing. This time, I was there to really SEE it with OUR wedding in mind and in my imagination I could see Marci and Tina and Pat will standing over there, and Tim and Don and Todd over there and there'll be flowers over there and the piano will be here and little Jacob and Dove will be so cute and the light will shine in from that direction and it will be full of friends and family and I'll be standing right there and Kevin will stand right there next to me and John will stand in front of us all and ohmygoshicanhardlybelievethisishappeningforreal!


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