Monday, March 15, 2004

Highlighted Weekend

Highlights of today so far:
Discovering that instant oatmeal is good with applesauce in it!
Coffee with KA.

Highlights of the weekend:
Lois's birthday party was complete with an abundance of silliness and raucous laughter contributed by all. Jon grilled for us in the freezing cold, we played cards, and sang along loudly to John Denver - which prompted a lovely, spontaneous parting gift of interpretive dance by Tim.

Taking part in a "conflict" at our Sunday Night Gathering. Part of what I do for a living is is to make collections calls for the people who owe money to the company I work for. So conflict and confrontation is not really all that big of a deal to me in those circumstances. In some highly personal situations, however I should admit am a big fat wuss about it. This was probably somewhat in the middle though I can't say I had a lot of anxiety about it. In my opinion last night was groovy. We don't all agree about what's up and what's down, but I sense we're committed to each other and it will be interesting to see how we walk this out and love each other in the weeks to come. The great thing about stuff like this is that you really get to know people, and some of the ways you get to know people can't happen any other way but straight through the middle of stuff like this.
The whole event got summed up by young Shepard: (loose quote) "So basically what you guys are doing is kinda like when we try to figure out a game and everyone has a different idea how to play." Well put, Shep!


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