Friday, March 05, 2004

Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars

It's Friday!
We've got a full agenda today. Lunch hour was run to the mall and get The Engagement Ring in for its 6 month checkup. Return workout shirt at Mervyns that was cute but, sadly, too small. Return Bustiere at Marshalls that was a good fit but unfortunately made a HUGE BULGE in my back that was rather unsightly with my wedding dress.
Bought the TENNIS SHOES that I'll be wearing at the reception and guess what!? They TWINKLE! Oh Yes, they come with little sparkly twinkly silvery stars on them and stuff. Very girly. When I find a link or take a pic I'll stick it right here--->x. And then I picked up some sushi and ate at my desk. In all the excitement I forgot to pick up goodies and drinkies for tonight. WOOPS!
Because TONIGHT we are going to CELEBRATE! We're going to a Drum Show of some friends of ours who make drums where we'll get to see some terrific craftsmanship and hear some cool drumming then it's on home to hang out! KA Roommate had some great work being done on her balcony (or whatever it's called) that has just recently been completed. So on the way home I'll pick up some wine and stuff like that so a few of us can hang out up there and be mellow and stare at the beautiful woodwork.

64 Days to the Wedding
85 Things To Do
Have yourself a groovy little weekend!


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