Friday, March 12, 2004

Zicam Update

Ok I know you've all been waiting for the update.
Zicam: does it work?
I don't know.
Seems to make me feel better and rather than feeling like complete crap after 4 days of this cold I actually feel pretty ok with a few symptoms. Seems that approximately 4 hours after snorting the stuff I start feeling lousy again until I re-snort, but that could all just be in my head.
So ya, that's the update.
However, if you noticed at the top of my blog the ad banner shows where I can go to get a lawyer if the stuff seems to have rotted out the inside of my nose or if I cease to have the ability to sniff out smells. Seems there have been studies that show that Zinc is bad for the nostrils but Zicam is evil and doesn't' tell anyone that. Could be. However my sniffer is still working quite well which is much more than I usually can say for a cold at this point. Usually I can't smell or taste a stinkin thing when I have a cold but so far I've not noticed any difference at all in that area.

In Other News... Tonight we're going to celebrate again. (Of course, it's Friday!) Someone I know who shall remain headless -- er, I mean NAMELESS-- achieved a milestone age yesterday - I won't say which milestone age this nameless person has turned but it's a biggie and we're going to help her celebrate by making some poor guy grill out in this frigid freezing snowy blowy weather while we bask in the warmth of friendship and happy birthdaying. It's gonna be a great party!

I'm reading this book by Henri Nouwen called Reaching Out. You can read about it by clicking on the link on my sidebar there. Here's a quote from that book that I read the other day, talking about prayer: "What is closest to our person is the most difficult to express and explain. This is not just true for lovers, artists and tightrope walkers but also for those who pray. While prayer is the expression of a most intimate relationship, it is also the most difficult subject to speak about and becomes easily the subject for trivialities and platitudes. While it is the most human of all human acts, it is also easily perceived as the most superfluous and superstitious activity."
Of course, it's difficult for me to explain why I even like this quote - as difficult as it is to tell someone why or how I pray. But I thought I'd share it with you - maybe you'll relate, or enjoy chewing on it like I have.
Have a great weekend!


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