Thursday, March 11, 2004

Back Among The Living

I'm upright today. Or at least I plan to be. Amazing how much a cold can kick you in the butt.
I stayed home from work for 2 days and slept and laid around and did nothing. I think that was helpful.
Had some wild dreams though - so that was cool. One involved a long long long super fast sledding hill where I sledded and sledded and sledded and had a very groovy time.
Another involved playing Age of Empires on a table - like with a oversized board game instead of on the computer. It was on a coastal map so I had big ships. I upgraded them via psychic energy by looking at a certain spot on the map! I morphed between being IN the game and above it, managing my armies and fighting wars. That was pretty fun too. Cold drugs ROCK!
Honestly I did not play Age of Empires the whole 2 days I was home. Didn't have the energy to sit up that long. But I was tempted!


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