Friday, September 24, 2004

Mr. Hobbes Regrets He Cannot Come To Tea

Did you Like the Pears? It's A Count Down. It's me forcing my own hand. I WANT to write the pear story. And I seem to keep NOT writing it. What is UP with that? So I took pictures instead. But I will write it. Was it Hugh Prather that said something like "Writing is easy, you just get a pen and paper and then stare at it until drops of blood form on your forehead." He didn't have a blog, I guess. It's much easier to type.

Captainwow is back from Costa Rica and taking off again for Northern Michigan. Pictures to follow.

And I'm avoiding packing and laundry for the weekend. Meaning, that I'm messing around with the cat. Whom, incidentally, is feeling much better today. He's had a bad reaction to some antibiotics for a UTI and had quite a pukefest last night. Once on the couch, once on the living room carpet.... All over the hallway and my office and the futon in my office... ya. Gross. Anyway he's feeling so much better today and I'm very relieved. You know how on South Park that one kid says "KENNAAY!!" "KEENNNAAYYY!" (I think that's how it goes, I only saw the show once maybe I got the wrong name) Ya... that's what I've been doing to the poor cat. "KITTAAYY!!! KIIITTAAAAYY!!!!" It's my insane way of showing how happy I am that he's got some energy today and seems more himself. I should stop though, and get going on more productive things.

Annoyed Kitty.


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